about - valkdesigns


I am a wife to a wonderfully caring and patient chap, mother of two adorable children (oh yes I am bias), black wearing, mum-bun rocking, speedway loving gal from Blenheim!

My spare time consists of kid play, speedway committee, and Junior Member club leader, on a speedway night you will find me in the shop (come say hi!). 
Reading (actual books with paper pages) is a great joy to be cherished and if I can find a quiet time then that is what I love to do for some "me time".



Our family is just the right mix of chaos and love!

My grandparents (now both in their 80th decade, though still looking snazzy) helped my Mum to raise me and I feel blessed they are able to help raise my children. 
My fondest memories are in my Poppa's shed building things or cooking with Nana. Now they are carrying on the tradition with our babies and it is so sweet to see.


In brief: I started working in 1999 at a design and print shop, fresh out of school I was the assistant and learning sponge.
I worked my way up to Managing the store, and over the years learnt to design and produce printed products for people.

Change of ownership and locations happened a couple of times, though one thing remained the same and that was the graphic and print services, and me.
New products and services were added and systems honed to be able to produce quality printed products at competitive pricing, this is something that I have ensured remains to this day. 


In 2014 the opportunity came about to start my own business. My employer decided he was retiring and not going to sell the business as a whole, though he made me an offer to carry on with the clients and artwork that had been stored and I jumped at it.

At the time we had a 18month old so I was not looking to start a full time job away from home, the fit was perfect, home based office doing exactly what I loved and having the best of both worlds with my daughter by my side. Now she is at school and our son is the one being my sidekick.

My husband Scott starts work early and is home in time for the school pick up, he helps in the office with signage, or production and deliveries. We are a small family business living and loving life!